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First wave of blockbuster hits: gang sign image Huashuo group endorsements


Global Chinese celebrate the People's Republic of China set up 65 anniversary of Asustek group development was rapid rise time of 10-year, group Chairman Wang Zhihong decisively selected and national-level actors, famous presenter, performance artist Wang teacher collaborates, signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing on September 30, 2014, power ASUS brand upgrade, upgrade quality and service upgrades.
In the current period of weak national real estate and ceramics market, Asustek Group on buck, pay close attention to product quality and brand building. Through the star image endorsement, branding VI upgrade, become China's first celebrity endorsements of building ceramics industrial base business.
Wang gang, the teacher being a famous artist, after in-depth understanding and examination of the Asustek group, select with the Asustek group signed a strategic partnership, embodied the Asustek Group's comprehensive strength and social responsibility, has prompted ASUS multi-industry collaborative development of the Group's century-old enterprise dream, in a more robust and unstoppable momentum, strode forward.


(Wang Zhihong, Chairman signed a contract with Wang gang, teacher)


(Wang Zhihong, Chairman signed a contract with Wang gang, a teacher success photos)