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Huashuo, peer - Huashuo Ceramics Group to the dealer's letter of thanks

Dear VIP customers:


Jiangxi HUASHUO Ceramics Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, is set independent marketing, design, product manufacturing as one of the enterprises. Customer first is the important content of corporate governance principles, the company will be the first implementation of the first day to the customer's business activities, customer satisfaction for the company to all employees of the company's operations, the company is committed to providing customers with quality products and services, aims. After nearly five years of efforts, the company has developed into a four polished production lines, the total output of 25 million square meters of large enterprises. The current production of microcrystalline stone, glazed all the high value-added products such as the fifth production line is also in full swing in the construction, is expected to put into operation in October. Over the years, the company adhering to the "quality first, people-oriented, scientific management, cooperation and win-win" business philosophy, concentric, peer corporate culture and dedication of the entrepreneurial spirit, the company has long and hundreds of domestic customers to establish a Good relations of cooperation, the company even in crisis can also be steady development.

have gratitude! We know that HUASHUO Ceramics Group Co., Ltd. made every point of progress and success, are inseparable from your concern, trust, support and participation. With you, our journey will have an endless stream of confidence and strength; with you, our cause can flourish and flourish and development. Huashuo all the family to extend my heartfelt thanks to you!

However, look at the current ceramic industry in China's market, can be described as crisis-ridden, wailing everywhere. HUASHUO enterprises are also facing enormous pressure, first, homogeneous products with the production area of fierce competition, bargain with each other, low profits, the second is the government environmental protection, taxation and other policy pressures; Third, national macroeconomic regulation and control, real estate policies and rural areas Land policy and other effects, the industry's situation to a historic low. In such a harsh market environment, we sincerely thank the HUASHUO hundreds of customers still stubbornly persists, as always, no turning back the full support.

In the face of the current market shape, HUASHUO Ceramics Group to do a good job in the long-term response to market crisis. Second, the policy to promote sales, transfer strategy, expanding the market; to improve the quality of the market, to promote the development of the market, Three by the confidence, tree image, Hiroshi spirit, practice ability requirements.

May, HUASHUO set up by the chairman of the direct supervision of the quality management committee, product quality and service supervision and management. Hope to be able to improve product quality in the off-season, to solve customer worries, to strengthen customer and market services, timely follow the dealer's demands, do everything possible to resolve the dealer off-season anxiety, do everything to help dealers complete the product transaction. In order to enhance the competitiveness of the terminal market at the cost of new products, new colors of research and development, so that follow our dealers to maximize profits, while some of the best-selling products to give a very favorable promotional efforts, the purpose is to Rangli to dealers , To ensure that dealers in the off-season can also ensure adequate profit margins.

In this special difficult period, HUASHUO to play all possible forces together to support dealers through the current difficult times, and hope that all the dealers and HUASHUO colleagues, concentric, peer through the storm. Based on the principle of good faith, do not participate in price wars, do not go down the drain, talk about unequal treaties. To ensure that the two sides can long-term cooperation and common development. The company also ensure that the cooperation of a win-win situation, product quality and price stability, and hope to get the full support of dealers.

In fact, every time the crisis is re-shuffling industry, when the exclusion of some strength and capital is not a solid business, in this case, we insist is victory, with the company's pace is the future. In the current market environment, you, we, our manufacturers, must have such a firm mind and execution.

The ancients said: people Qi, Taishan shift. Obviously, enterprises and dealers are HUASHUO brand cohesion of the two carriers. Our interests are the same, only our solidarity and cooperation, in order to better establish HUASHUO cohesion. Our company also need this cohesion, with a line to a large number of pearls together, in unison, for our common interests, let us work together side by side, unite and create a beautiful new world HUASHUO.

Sincerely, Regards!