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Huashuo Ceramics Group established the first quality management committee

May 16, HUASHUO ceramics formally adopted the quality management committee charter, which is the first production area in Jiangxi Province for product quality to set up a special supervision services, the agency by the company chairman Wang Zhihong direct supervision.

The situation in the ceramic industry in 2014 can be described as dire straits, the end of the Ching Ming Festival, the Pan-high production areas a considerable part of the enterprise shipments decline, enterprises are also facing a serious inventory pressure, and some companies even burst warehouse, situation. HUASHUO ceramics this year is also facing a market since the challenges, but the company relies on the company's strong financial support, and adequate storage capacity and the establishment of a solid market in recent years, the network still adhere to the off-season in the product well, the service Well, the price system is stable. At the same time, according to the early individual dealers to reflect the quality of some products, the company scheduling with the current situation is not tense, Yanzhua product quality, and the opportunity to set up the HUASHUO ceramic quality management committee. Its purpose is to promote product quality and service quality rising to meet the needs of the market and dealers, and to correct the prevention of substandard goods and substandard services.


Chairman of the direct management of the permanent body

According to the quality management committee of the personnel management structure, which is currently the highest level of supervision and management of the company, by the chairman Wang Zhihong directly as the director of the committee, directly under the supervision of the chairman. While the management members from the sales and production department heads responsible for the implementation of the inspection team.

According to the contents of the articles of association to understand the scope of the Committee's main responsibilities are: 1, is responsible for all new product development, converting the product version of the version and confirmation work, sales and production manager signature confirmation 2, the development of quality management workflow and Management system, and supervise the implementation; 3, the development of enterprise product implementation standards and requirements, and at the same time to develop quality of service requirements; 4, monitoring the quality requirements for the implementation of various departments, the failure to correct and take related measures Prevention and punishment; 5, the establishment of market products, complaints and penalties and incentives.


Improve product testing standards

With the adoption of the company's Quality Management Committee, the product testing standards also increased accordingly. I believe that the recent sales of our products distributor of the most say. The company's products in the gloss, thickness, surface color, smoothness, and several other aspects of the standards have been improved. First, polished gloss from the past 40 ° or so, and sometimes even lower than 40 °, increased to the current average of about 45 °, ultra-clean and bright after the gloss is increased to more than 92 °. Second, the weight of the brick, the original consideration of transport costs and environmental factors, the company reduce brick weight, due to market competition, customers reflect the need to increase the weight, to meet customer market competition, the company will increase the weight of 42 kg, brick thickness Also increased. At the same time, the company increased investment in testing equipment, making the industry a headache in the late return of the product problems have been greatly improved. Product flatness in the original internal control standard ± 0.5mm on the basis of, and gradually adjusted to the overall partial turtle of 80% or more, and the actual operation of the implementation of ± 0.3mm standard.

In addition to upgrading the quality of brick products, the company also improved the product packaging image. Such as the original packing 4 packaging with increased to 5, even though only to increase a packaging belt, an increase of nearly 200,000 yuan per month cost, but the company that: value. Dealers worry about worry, to avoid duplication of loading, unloading lead to damage, make the greatest efforts to reduce the cost of dealers.


Strong comprehensive strength to help off-season quality improvement

For enterprises, regardless of the season, off-season, and always to give priority to quality, improve product quality, stable dealer, marketing, production and other departments are actively involved. In the industry off-season, we are at the cost, increase new products, new colors of research and development, by looking for differentiated products in the industry, the development of new designs to stimulate the market, but also to dealers at any time sales of high value-added profits Products, so that follow our dealers to maximize profits.

This year the production area has encountered since the establishment of the most severe year, for many companies in the off-season against the market made a severe test. Especially for the enterprise's storage capacity, cash flow and product quality and service, and many other challenges. However, HUASHUO Ceramics Group, relying on the strong financial support, coupled with the company since the operation in the market after the good reputation, formed its own stable market network, in the face of market depression, in stabilizing the market, stable dealer prices At the same time, at increased production costs to enhance product quality and image.


Human services, to resolve the dealer's anxiety

Dealers on the pre-sale and after-sale tracking service, the company has been the direction of efforts. From the company's marketing center layout and training with the single is the most obvious manifestation. The company has been to the dealer and the market to create a very human, family-oriented service quality. In particular, the current market into the off-season, dealers on the market situation is full of anxiety recession, when the company should provide a personalized, family-oriented services to resolve the dealer's anxiety and concern.

Quality Management Committee of the Constitution to clarify this point, from the market on product quality and service quality complaints must be the first time the content of the complaint to deal with, find out the reasons and the responsible person, require a deadline for correction in place and the responsible department to make Punishment, in the shortest possible time to the customer the most satisfactory answer.

In addition to the pre-sale and after-sale service, the company strengthened the zero-distance services to the market, asked the salesman to the dealer from time to time to call or travel, and dealers on the market situation, product sales To guide, do everything possible to resolve the dealer off-season anxiety, do everything in the power to help dealers complete product transactions.


Strengthen the terminal promotion

In order to enhance the competitiveness of the terminal market, the company in May on some popular products introduced a series of very favorable promotional policies aimed at Rangli to the dealer to ensure that the dealer in the off-season can also ensure adequate profit margins.

In June we took out the market reflects the excellent, dealer profit differentiation products - happiness stone, launched the "hot summer, happy HUASHUO" another massive none other activities. The company also sent a well-trained salesman to enter the market line, to help dealers enhance the promotion of happiness stone.