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China building sanitary ceramics annual top ten rankings announced here

On April 12, 2011, again played solemn Hall of golden age chapter 2011 annual top ten rankings of China building sanitary ceramics awards ceremony was held here. Former Vice Minister of Ministry of construction Zhou Ganzhi, housing and urban-rural construction of towns and Secretary Li Bingdi, MOC market operation regulation, Deputy Director Li Chaosheng, National Institute of Development Research Institute of industrial economy of Northeast Asia director Li Jikai ministries and leaders of the five major industry associations attended the awards ceremony and winners of the awards.


It is reported that since the campaign was launched in November 2010, came from South China, East China and Shandong ceramic sanitary ware enterprise to respond positively, Internet voting segments are lit the passion of dealers and consumers, Internet voting record to reach more than 2.47 million votes, was caused by network congestion.


Eventually, after registration to solicit, market survey, Internet voting, expert evaluation, comprehensive evaluation of the five-stage nearly 5 months of review, 2011 annual top of the Chinese building and sanitary ceramic hot from the oven. Dongpeng tile, and Eagle brand ceramic, and new in the source ceramic, and gold meaning ceramic brick, and Hongyu ceramic, brand picked have ceramic ten brand Laurel, arrows brand bathroom, and Hui up bathroom, and Shen Heron up bathroom, brand won bathroom ten brand title, Marco Polo magnetic brick, and gold meaning ceramic brick, and macro pottery ceramic, and grid official pottery ceramic, and Nobel magnetic brick, and General ceramic, 30 a ceramic brand respectively won antique brick ten brand, and polishing brick ten brand and porcelain tablets ten brand title.


The success of this campaign, not only is the award-winning enterprise's achieved honors in the development process, it is in the field of building and sanitary ceramics in China to set up brand new. With the domestic and international economic environment and changes in patterns of domestic building and sanitary ceramic industry, the market environment is deteriorating, ceramic enterprises where developed as a matter of urgency. Looking at the winners, none of the industry leaders, or product development, or marketing, or brand promotion, hair masks are unique, is the campaign to try to find the most representative business, highlighting their unique, establish industry benchmarks, promote the healthy development of Chinese building and sanitary ceramic industry.


It is understood that the activities organised by the network of Chinese ceramics and Chinese building and sanitary ceramics Association, the China Association of real estate developers, China building materials circulation Association, architectural society of China interior design branch, China building decoration Association kitchen works five industry associations to support in Committee.


In awards Festival held of while, activities hosted party combined now suffered concern of real estate development trend and pan home across territories cooperation, hot earlier held "China home industry across territories cooperation forum", invited well-known ceramic enterprise, and home stores, and home company, industry giant and designer, and dealer, industry elite participation event, and on current home industry across territories cooperation of opportunities and challenge and other hot problem for in-depth discussion.


The event, got the attention of many national news outlets, including Xinhua News Agency, people's daily, people's daily, China daily, economic daily and the Guangming daily, China News NET, Sohu over more than 20, including live coverage of the media.


It is understood that the Chinese building and sanitary ceramics annual top ten rankings will be released once a year, at the awards ceremony, held at the same time, combined with the current hot topic, organized home top industry Summit brought together industry leaders will also become an established practice.

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