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Decorated tiles to buy these or known good

Ceramic tiles according to the processes and characteristics can be divided into five categories

1, glazed

After burning the surface of glazed brick is brick. Based on raw materials, respectively, can be divided into two types: ceramic tile, that is formed by the pottery, high water absorption, the intensity is relatively low. Distinguished by the soil, there are red and white (yellow). Porcelain tile, porcelain clay in that by firing from, low water absorption and intensity is relatively high. Its main feature is the back color is gray. According to the different luster, can also be divided into the following two types: light and Matt glaze of glazed tile.

2, brick

Glaze on the surface of the brick, and front and back of material and color, hence the name. Brick is a kind of tiles, there are also soluble salt tiles and other species, but relatively speaking, colors not glazed. General lack of will for wall, most non-slip tiles are tiles.

3, polished

Is entirely tile surface by polishing a shiny tile sort. Tiles are a derivative of brick. Relative to the brick plane rough, polished smooth surface. Hard, wear-resistant, suitable for addition to bathroom, kitchen and indoor environment of most in indoor spaces. Using the infiltration technique based on tiles can make all kinds of imitation stone, wood-like effect.

4, vitrified tiles

Is a strengthening of tiles, apart from clay, and contains a higher proportion of quartz sand composition (production of the main raw material for glass). Formed by the high temperature firing. Harder and more wear resistant than polished tile. Better quality finish.

5, mosaic

Is a special type of brick, it generally consists of dozens of small pieces of brick a brick. Includes ceramic mosaic, Marble Mosaic, glass mosaic.


Second, according to the rate of water absorption of ceramic tiles are divided into following three main:

A. ceramic: ceramic 6% water absorption of ceramic products, mainly used for wall decoration.

B. semi-semi porcelain pottery: 3% and water absorption of ceramic <6% ceramic products.

C. porcelain: refers to the rate of water absorption of ceramic <3% ceramic products, wide range of wall and floor decoration. Mostly small bricks of porcelain.


Third, according to the site can be divided into the following categories:

A ... wall tiles: for indoor wall ceramic materials;

B. floor tiles: ceramic products for ground;

C. exterior wall tile: ceramic materials for building's exterior walls and balconies;

D. square bricks: used in outdoor plazas and sidewalks and other ceramic products.