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--Huashuo ceramic group to the vendor, concentric, peer a thank-you

Dear Supplier:


Sincerely thank you for your HUASHUO Ceramics Group Co., Ltd. has been the full support and assistance!

Jiangxi ASUS Ceramics Group Co., Ltd. was born in 2010, is set independent marketing, design, product manufacturing as one of the enterprises. That customers with fine ceramic products as their responsibility, the pursuit of sound management, long-term development.

Customer first is the important content of the company's quality policy, the company will be the first customer to implement the first day of business activities, customer satisfaction for all employees of the company's objectives. After five years of efforts, has developed into four production lines with an annual output of 25 million square meters of production capacity, this year five lines are also in full swing in the construction, is expected to be put into operation in November. Over the years the company adhering to the "quality first, people-oriented, scientific management, cooperation and win-win" business philosophy, concentric, peer corporate culture and dedication of the entrepreneurial spirit. For a long time the company has hundreds of domestic customers to establish a good relationship of cooperation, painstaking efforts to obtain a large number of loyal customers, the company even in the crisis can also be steady development, customer satisfaction is the company's unswerving concept of action, as Determine the cornerstone of right and wrong.

Huashuo has been the development of the support and cooperation of all suppliers, we are also pleased to see some of the suppliers are also accompanied by the company continue to grow and develop, the company must also be the future of the vast number of suppliers closer cooperation and support in order to truly establish a competitive Of the supply chain.

Over the years, the company has established partnerships with a number of competitive suppliers, which is the key to the company's continued expansion and competitiveness in the future. In-house on the supply management to build from the sample confirmation, contract negotiations, incoming inspection and quality feedback, payment and a series of payment system to establish an open and fair supply management mechanism.

But we are also clearly aware that the current ceramic market situation oversupply, product sales decline, falling prices, the face of the long-term crisis of the market, the Group proposed "to see near Siyuan, because of potential change", how the case of crisis , The risk, grasp the opportunity measures measures, emphasizing the mention of quality, lower costs, Liannei Gong; two policies to promote sales, transfer strategy, expand the market; three by confidence, tree image, Hong spirit, practice skills requirements. Especially in the lower costs, Liannei Gong requirements of a number of opinions on the approach. The company also hopes that all suppliers and HUASHUO concentric, peer, to ride out the storm. Only the company to minimize cost control, only the market competitiveness, to be invincible, enterprises can stable development, we both have long-term, long-term cooperation in the end. For this reason, the company expects to reduce the supply price of each supplier from July 2014, so as to survive the crisis and ensure long-term cooperation and common development. The company will also ensure the win-win cooperation and mutual funds Operation efficiency and security, hope to get the understanding and support of all suppliers!

At the time of this crisis, our requirements and information related to our suppliers were communicated in writing to the suppliers, which would help us to better cooperate and enhance the competitiveness of our supply chain. The nature of the market is cruel, like the strong elimination of the weak, we want to include suppliers, including the strong market.


I wish the two sides win-win cooperation and common development.




Chairman of the Board: