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Jiangxi Huashuo ceramics "moral fashion" series was rated as well-known Chinese brands

China Light Product Quality Center in the country carried out the implementation of brand-name strategy to build China's well-known brand activities. The event aims to enhance the visibility of corporate brand image, enterprise market management information, data, to achieve brand-led enterprise development. In this activity, Jiangxi HUASHUO Ceramics Group Co., Ltd. successfully passed the audit of the Center Group of Experts, its production of "moral fashion" ceramic products have been rated as well-known Chinese brands and focus on promoting the unit. Through this activity, not only the Jiangxi Huashuotek ceramic brands are protected, but also further enhance the "moral fashion" brand awareness.


Jiangxi HUASHUO ceramics adhere to the "people-oriented, quality first, to effect for the deposit, to plant proud of" the development of ideas to the global strategic vision to create and develop the brand, determined to become a high degree of social responsibility of outstanding enterprises. "HUASHUO quality rock-solid" is HUASHUO people's pursuit of quality, commitment to society.